When you shift to writing quality stories your success rate skyrockets. (Revised & updated 27th September 2021)

View from my spiritual home in Kerala, India. Photo by author

I repeatedly get more new followers a day than some Medium top 50 publications — this is how I do it.

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Make “Responses” work for you

Did you know that your responses can show up in searches?

How a mother inspired her son to make something of himself.

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My life did not get off to a great start

I don’t know how it is for everyone else, but there seemed to be a lot of dark times in my early life.

How to guide yourself to your goals

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Awareness is your passport to success

There are two sorts of awareness:

  1. Situational awareness — what is happening all around me.
  2. Self-awareness — being aware of your thoughts and feelings.

This is how I leverage a modest talent to make money as a writer

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Write like a robot

I have…

Quickly find your temper and flip it to positive.

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How your life can be richer when you find true purpose in what you do.

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The worst advice I was ever given

“Work hard, keep your…

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Write passionately about how you’d love your life to be — it’s the first step to making that life your reality.

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Start now

I jumped out of bed and stumbled downstairs to my computer.

David Ferrers

Come sing and dance — be happy and free and prosper with me. I write about how to find fulfilment and meaning in life.🇬🇧

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