This is what I have published in the top Medium publications and how you can do the same. (Updated 29th November 2021)

View from my spiritual home in Kerala, India. Photo by author

The exciting news this week is that my top 4 articles have remained the same.

The reasons this is exciting is that it tells me:

  1. That these are articles people want to read and they therefore contain a lot of valuable lessons for me.
  2. It shows that good articles can…

They asked, “Why am I so scared of everything?” Calling on my 25 years of coaching experience, this is how I answered.

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Your basic problem is that your imagination is out of control.

You’ll be OK once you regain control of your imagination. Then you’ll be able to enjoy a really cool, happy and fulfilling life.

What has happened is that your imagination is running free. Somehow it escaped from your control…

What I learned from 2 psychiatrists made me a successful independent businessman for 25 years.

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When I’ve questioned other entrepreneurs I’ve discovered they use exactly the same process I use.

They all say you have to be the control centre of your own personal empire. I don’t mean you have to be a control freak. I mean you have to be in command of yourself.

Your headline gets your reader to click on your story, but they only stay when you keep them interested.

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There’s a reason why all my best-performing stories start with a single sentence first paragraph.

I want my reader to be asking themselves, “Is this story about to deliver on the promise in the headline?” Your first paragraph has to get your reader believing that they are going to get…

This will help you create great headlines that attract readers and ensure your stories earn well.

Eyes on your articles are your aim. Photo by Roozbeh Badizadegan on Unsplash

My most successful story ever is proof that this method of writing headlines works.

Every viral story ever written has an attractive headline. No story ever went viral without an attractive headline that won the interest of a ton of readers. …

Psychologists say most of us underrate ourselves, but other psychologists tell us how we can program our mindset for a brighter future.

Photo by Dragos Condrea, Bigstock

This is the story of how I got a bad start and then talked myself into becoming a world-class coach.

School was not good for me. I was labelled “thick” because I found the basic skills of reading and writing difficult. The problem is that once you get a label…

This is how I keep adding interesting tidbits to my articles and stories to seduce readers down the page.

Voice Memos are a real life-saver for me. I never lose valuable ideas now. Screenshot by author

This is actually about using information and ideas as part of a writing technique known as the Rate of Revelation.

All the great storytellers like Agatha Christie are masters of keeping their readers hooked by continually revealing small clues or interesting tidbits of information.

Agatha Christie will reveal one clue…

The floodgates burst open the day I gave myself permission to be me.

The day that passion overrode the pain of my failures my life changed dramatically. Photo by Evgeniya Litovchenko on Unsplash

The floodgates burst open the day I gave myself permission to be me.

It was like I’d been plugged into the mains electricity supply. I felt a sudden surge of desire to release my passion for individual freedom. I remember sensing an overwhelming compulsion to express myself.

I was set…

David Ferrers

Mind Mastery Coach for 25 years — enabling clients to know themselves, take charge of their minds and achieve their potential.🇬🇧

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