I’ve coached 1,000+ clients, written 600+ articles about how to succeed by maximising your ability to get the most out of yourself. My Personal Growth approach develops self-understanding, knowledge, and self-expression as your routes to finding meaning, prosperity & happiness in life. I write to inspire you to become who you want to be. I’ve helped hundreds of individuals and managers in top companies like Dell, YSL, J&J, GM, and RELX by developing their mental strength and creativity so they become stronger communicators, more personable, and better leaders. Medium member since February 2021. I am the host of a weekly column at The Writing Cooperative. I write about Finding Meaning for your life, Self-Expression, Freedom, Self-Understanding, Creative Thinking, Mind Mastery, Self-Improvement, Independence, Self-Belief, The Expectation Effect, Psychology, Inspiration, Innovation, Life Lessons, Entrepreneurship, and How to Make Money - all the things that make for a fulfilling, meaningful, prosperous and independent life. Let me show you how. πŸ‡¬πŸ‡§

Medium member since February 2021



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