Eight Ways It Pays To Coach Leaders

The money’s great, but there are other valuable rewards

David Ferrers
5 min readAug 15, 2021


Photo: Vidar Nordli-Mathisen, Unsplash

I have found that the best leaders are rounded human beings who enjoy challenges and are prepared to take risks.

Ninety-five percent of my coaching is in the corporate world. I have worked with major corporations like YSL, J&J, Bosch, RELX and Prudential. Most of my contracts are to coach Directors and VPs for periods of three months or more.

Working in this way provides a stable base for my business and ample opportunities to create meaningful change.

1. The financial rewards are excellent

My clients provide a purchase order when they hire me.

This means that I have the security of knowing that the employer will pay me for the work that I do. It means that the coachee is relaxed about the financial aspect of our relationship which removes one possible barrier to our relationship. It also sets up the expectation of a long-term coaching relationship. Having time creates space for deeper, wider-ranging discussions which help to strengthen the relationship and the trust.

Working in this way puts me on a par with all the other consultants working for the corporation, so my status and hourly rate is as good as the best-paid consultants.

2. The research is stimulating and helps me to grow

A coach should know more about a topic than his client.

If you can’t know more, at least know a few different things. As a result, I am widely read and knowledgeable about leadership, motivation, communication, psychology, philosophy and personal development. The challenge is to learn constantly both to keep abreast of current thinking and to broaden your knowledge base.

I have also experienced, up close and personal, many different leadership styles in action. This wide first-hand experience has helped me to grow both as a coach and as a human being.

If you coach in one area for long enough you cannot help becoming an expert because you are learning all the time from those with skin in the game.

3. You meet interesting and…



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