My 5 Top Earning Stories of All Time and Why They Did So Well

There is a strong relationship between the number of views your stories receive and the amount you earn. This is how to make that relationship work for you.

David Ferrers


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These are my top earning stories since I joined Medium in February 2021. I will tell you why I believe they have done especially well in a minute.

  1. Writer Bios That Attract Hundreds of New Readers Work Like This. My most successful story was originally published in October 2021. It has earned me some $200 and attracted over 3,000 views.
  2. How To Increase Your Earnings Without Writing Any More Content. Published January 2022.
  3. Online Writing Tip That’s So Easy To Use It Feels Like Cheating. Published November 2021.
  4. The Perfect Small Business for the Solo Entrepreneur. Published August 2022.
  5. How I Found Out That a Recession Is a Great Time To Start a Business. Published May 2022.

My big mistake

The reason why I put the publication date after each article is to highlight the gaps between my successful articles. These gaps show you how little I learned from my successes.

I know, and I repeatedly tell my readers, the importance of studying your stats and learning from your successes. Yet, I have not been as good at doing this as I should be. Given that I wrote my most successful story over a year ago it is painful that I have done nothing to try to repeat this success.

All is not lost — today I am studying my success stories in detail and making notes of what works. You’re welcome to study my best stories to see what lessons you can learn.

What I’ve learned about writing

I seem to write better and gather more readers when I feel free. By this, I mean that I don’t try too hard to write good English or compose in a “correct” way. It works best when I just let go and talk to my reader.

Sometimes I produce good stories when I write a few subheads before I start and other times I just let the story take control and follow my fingers down the…



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